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Komap Dědov s.r.o..
Javor 74
549 57 Teplice nad Metují
Czech republic

IČO: 03904067
DIČ: CZ03904067

About us

KOMAP DĚDOV s.r.o. has been established in 1991 with the aim to create a reliable supplier of wide assortment of flanges, semifinished products and services for both domestic and foreign market. Through purchase of workshop of former state owned company POTRUBI PRAHA has been secured the basis for fulfilment of this intention and it could be developed the production of flanges with many years´ tradition, which goes back to 1959. By the following capital investment and modernisation the industrial complex with complete technological and production background has been built up.

The spreading of the company continued in 2001, when it managed to strengthen the production capacity by the whole plant of forgery with the tool and hardening shop, which have been bought in the bankruptcy proceedings with the former company TRANSPORTA CHRUDIM a.s. Through this investment a new mill was established in Chrudim, which considerably enlarged assortment of offered products and services by drop and hammer forging, production of tools, dies, jigs and fixtures, surface treatment, annealing, hardening and cementing, not only for our own use, but even for use of the external customers.

KOMAP DEDOV s.r.o. has got certificate according to CSN EN ISO 9001 : 2001 in 2004 (see  Documents).


Headquarters and workshop in Dedov / Teplice nad Metuji / Czech Republic